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Unbendable Warm Edge Spacer

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Warm Edge spacer is developed as the solution to heat-loss through the insulating glass edges. And now it is widely used in developed countries. More attention is paid all over the world

Technical Data:

Stainless Steel and Plastics have been used as component materials to low down the energy-losing. 
Maximum decrease the condensation on the window glass;
Avoid the corrosion of the spacer frame;
Optimize the heat and energy insulation.

Cartons or iron rack in 5m or 6m

Suitable for shipment by sea, land and air.

Specification sheet:(Customized Size could be offered)

 Item  Size  Width  Height  Wall Thickness  Qty/Carton
(Unbendable) 6A 5.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 3000
7A 6.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 2700
8A 7.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 2700
9A 8.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 2700
10A 9.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 2400
11A 10.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 2100
12A 11.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 2100
14A 13.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 1800
15A 14.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 1650
16A 15.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 1500
17A 16.5mm 6.5mm 0.25mm 1500
(Bendable) 6A 5.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 3000
7A 6.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 2700
8A 7.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 2700
9A 8.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 2700
10A 9.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 2400
11A 10.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 2100
12A 11.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 2100
14A 13.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 1800
15A 14.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 1650
16A 15.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 1500
17A 16.5mm 6.5mm 0.33mm 1500




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