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Sponge -sealing sleeves


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Squeegee cotton (also known as corner trimming cotton, corner cotton, glass wool) is a water-absorbing material made of cotton material, which has very strong water absorption performance, maintains long-term moisture, and effectively improves service life. Hollow glass squeegee cotton can Help us in the production of insulating glass, compact the four weakest corners of the insulating glass, prevent air leakage, extend the service life of the insulating glass, and also have a good aesthetic effect. It is deeply loved by the majority of glass deep processing enterprises.

Brief introduction:

Sealing sleeves, these are produced with great care and have shown excellent performance over the years in both automatic and manual applications. The different plate materials allow us to provide solutions for virtually all secondary seals, whether polysulfide, polyurethane or silicone.


Mainly used for the squeegee treatment of the surface of the insulating glass sealant, which can help us compact the weakest four corners of the insulating glass in the production of insulating glass, prevent air leakage and extend the service life of the insulating glass. It has a good aesthetic effect and will not adhere to commonly used insulating glass sealants such as polysulfide glue, silicone glue, polyurethane and butyl glue. Manually hang the glue along the corners of the insulating glass to make the sealant uniform and smooth.

Note: This product should be placed in a cool place to keep it moisturized, to avoid the use of the product due to dryness.


For the sealing of each piece of insulating glass, the sealant applied to the corners of the glass is loose and not strong. The surface of the sealant needs to be scraped to make the inner solid and the surface smooth.

However, insulating glass sealants are usually very sticky. When general materials are used to scrape the corners, the sealant will stick to the scraping material. Not only can it not make the sealant strong, but it also makes the surface of the sealant unsightly.

Raw material: 

Our squeegee sponge is made of special materials and will not bond with commonly used insulating glass sealants such as polysulfide, silicone, polyurethane and butyl. This sponge makes the squeegee clean. Hang the glue manually along the corners of the hollow glass to make the sealant even and the surface smooth. The squeegee sponge and the hand-held roller tool can improve work efficiency.

Standard length 65mm

Special length for 3-pane 110mm insulating glass

Color: Pink, yellow, blue




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