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MF899T Transparent Silicone Structural Sealant


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MF899T transparent silicone structural sealant is a one-component, non-sagging, neutral curing sealant, which can be easily extruded and used under most external ambient temperatures and reacts with water vapor in the air. Cured to form a durable and elastic silicone structural sealant

Features and advantages

For most substrates, good bonding, including coated glass, glazed glaze, anodized aluminum aluminum, etc.

Transparent, non-discolored excellent mechanical properties excellent weathering resistance

For most materials and components, there is no need to use the primer to achieve good bonding to the environment.


◎ Single component, neutral, room temperature water gas curing silicone structure sealing gel.


Suitable for boss curtain walls, large plate glass curtain walls, lighting tops, etc.

Main Specifications

MF899T transparent silicone structure sealant is a single component, no vertical, neutral curing sealant, can be easily extruded in most external ambient temperatures, and reacts with water gas in air Form a durable, elastic silicone structure sealing gel.


GB 16776

Storage and validity

Packing the goods, in a cool, ventilated, dry, can be stored in 12 months, using the "validity" of the product packaging


Plastic tube: 300ml per piece, 25 per box


This product is not tested or stated as applicable to medical or medicinal. This product is not suitable for:

● The seam in the groundwater or excessive friction is immersed in the water.

● May exudate oil, plasticizer, solvent building materials surface, or part of the vulcanized rubber gasket or tape

● Frost or moist surface

● When cured, it is completely in contact with the air (sealed adhesive requires water gas curing) Sealed glue surface paint application (general paint can't adhere to the silica gel surface)

● Direct contact with food or other food grade surface applications




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