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MF889 Silicone Weatherproofing Sealant

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One component, neutral cured and high elasticity.

Movement capability: ±25%.

Special for all kinds of curtain walls.

Conveniently used in the temperature range of 10~50℃.

Excellent adhesion to most building materials without primer.

No corrosion to the surface; no pollution to the environment.

Excellent resistance to weather aging, low and high temperature.

Guarantee good ability even in the range of -60℃~180℃;


Mainly applied in weatherproofing and waterproofing sealing for glazing curtain walls or aluminum panel curtain walls.



Consistent with standards: GB/T14683, JC/T882 & ASTM C920

Methods of Application:

1. The surface must be clean, dry and free of any traces of grease or dust.

2. It can be used directly in the temperature of 10~50℃.

3. Masking tape should be used in case of contamination and be removed after using.


The shelf life will be 12 months stored in cool, dry and ventilated places below 27℃.


Cartridge Package: 300ml/piece, 25pcs/carton

Sausage Package: 592ml/piece, 20pcs/carton


MF889 is non-dangerous, can be transported by train, automobile, ship and plane.




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