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MF881-25 Two-component Silicone Structural Sealant for Insulating Glass


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The MF881-25 is a two-component silicone structure sealing gel, mainly used in the bonding of the glass, metal and other building components, and the side seal of the glass unit plate. Neutral desorption type, room temperature curing and releases a small amount of alcohol type gas


  MF881-25 silicone structural sealant is a two-component, neutral cure, high flexibility, high modulus silicone sealant,to meet the technical requirements in GB16776 and ETAG002, which can provide quality assurance for 25 years.


  High strength and high modulus.

  Excellent adhesion properties.

  Excellent resistance to high temperature.

  No corrosion and no pollution to environment.


  Mainly used for structural assembly of high building, super high rise curtain wall, large-size glass plate curtain wall, complex structural curtain wall, manufacture of Insulating Glass, can also be used on anti-corrosion sealing for pipeline flange, bridge, shipbuilding, sewage disposal factory, subway, construction, and oil platform.


  1.Surface cleaning

  To ensure the structural sealant with good adhesion, sticky surface must be clean, dry and free of dirt.

  To prevent contamination of sealant surrounding joints,surface protection tape must be used to protect construction,when the construction is completed, the tape will be removed.

  2. Cleaning Process

  2.1 You must use a clean lint-free cloth

  The solvent can be used to clean fresh ethanol, acetone, isopropanol, methyl ethyl ketone, xylene, etc.

  2.2 Use "Method of double cloth"

  a. Wipe the area with a piece of sticky infiltration by solvent clean lint-free cloth.

  b. In the solvent evaporation before drying immediately with a second clean, lint-free cloth to wipe the surface.

  c. Area must be cleaned after completion of construction within one hour, otherwise re-cleaning.

  d. Use calico dip solvent rather than white cloth placed in the container infiltration,to avoid contamination container inside a clean solvent; used cloth should be replaced.

  e. In the area, open flame is prohibited.

  Mixing process:

  Conduct mixing in a closed mixing system.

  Com A and ComB are uniformly mix at 12: 1 weight ratio.

  |Users can also be based on actual need to change the mixing ratio, and then adjust the curing speed. Distribution ratio (mass ratio) Com A: Com B = 11: 1 ~ 14: 1.


  Engineering Materials must do compatibility and adhesion test before.

  1. Use and refer to the technical information and safety data sheets.

  2. Com B reactions can occur with water in the air, no long-term exposure to air.

  3. If entering the eyes accidently, immediately wash with clean water.

  4. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin, avoid contact with children.

  5. Do not contaminate food, drugs or cosmetics.


  MF881-25 structural silicone sealant A and B components at 12: 1 mass ratio of matching supply.

  Vat Packaging: A component 200L iron barrel with inner diameter (567 ± 2) mm

  B component 20L plastic bucket with inner diameter of (285 ± 2) mm

  The drums: A component 20L plastic bucket, net weight 25Kg

  Component B 310 ml for per plastic tube with net capacity 300 ml.


  At 27 ℃ or less in cool, ventilated and dry place for 12 months.


  MF881-25 is non-dangerous goods, can be transported by train, car, ship and airplane.

  Safety Tips:

  This product's Guide does not contain all the information Safety Notes, in order to secure the use of, should be read carefully before proceeding "structural silicone sealant construction norms" and product specifications, and contact your local sales company to obtain such information. Before use especially for bonding chrome surfaces (such as chrome coated glass), the former must be used to contact the company's technology department, after safety tests.

  Where the product is not related to safety issues, follow JGJ102 requirements.




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