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MF840 Two-component Polysulfide Sealant Special for Manufacture of Insulating Glass


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MF840 Double Components Polysulfide Hollow Glass Special Sealant (Similar MF840) is a two-component, solvent-free, room temperature, sealant. The MF840 has high strength, high elastic; it has good adhesive surfaces of cleansing surfaces such as glass, aluminum. The MF840 has good process performance, suitable for hollow glass automatic production lines (mechanical construction) and manual production lines (manual construction).
  MF840 is solvent free, two-component, room temperature cured polysulfide sealant. It has excellent adhesion to most building materials such as glass, aluminum alloy, and galvanized-steel, etc. The product is formulated to facilitate optimal performance on both mechanical and manual application equipment. MF840 is used for the manufacture of IG units in conjugation with butyl sealant. It also can be used singly.
  Two-component, room temperature cured.
  Good adhesion. Excellent resistance to air aging.
  Free of solvent. Without materials with low boiling point, no pollution to the environment.
  Mainly applied in the sealing of IG in construction, traffic and refrigeration industries.
  Consistent with standard: JC/T486 EN 1279
  Laboratory condition shall be 23°C and 50% R.H. Relative Humidity, specimens for testing tensile strength should be stored for 7 days at this conditions.
  Methods of Application:
  1. Surface-cleaning:
  For good adhesion, the surface must be clean and dry without dust.
  2. Mixture:
  The Com A and Com B must be mixed according to the designated ratio A: B=100:(6-12). Curing speed can be adjusted (the more Com B, the faster curing time, vice versa). The process should be operated evenly until there is no chromatic aberration.
  3. Injecting sealant
  Injecting sealant along one direction in case of bubbles.
  Polysulfide sealant can't be used with silicone sealant, otherwise will affect the adhesion. The operating temperature should be at least 5℃ or above, which otherwise will affect the curing time and adhesion.
  The shelf life will be 12 months stored in cool, dry and ventilated place.
  Large Package: Com A 300 kg /barrel; Com B 30 kg / barrel
  Medium Package: Com A 30 kg / barrel; Com B 3.6 kg /barrel
  Small Package: Com A 4 kg / barrel; Com B 0.48kg/bag
  MF840 is non-dangerous, can be transported by train, ship, boat and plane.



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