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Colombian Congress President visits CGGC International

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On July 2, 2015, Vice-chief Economist of CGGC and Vice President of CGGC International Yang Yisheng met with Colombian Congress President José David NAME Cardozo and his delegation in Beijing, reaching to agreements on deepening cooperation on renewable energy.



Colombian Congress President visits CGGC International


Yang Yisheng made a detailed introduction of CGGC, highlighting its history, comprehensive strength and representative projects especially in overseas market. With great strength and rich experience in technology, project management, financing, etc., he said, CGGC would like to take the advantage of Eastern Bogota Tramcar MOU to further participate in infrastructure and energy construction of Colombia in order to create many more jobs, train more talents, and make contributions to improving Colombian people’s lives, Yang said.

Name expressed his thanks to Yang for his warm reception and gave high praises to CGGC for its achievements in international business. As large input and deepening construction in infrastructure are needed in Colombia, Colombian Congress would devote itself to energy legislation especially in renewable energy and expect an expanded win-win cooperation with CGGC.




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